Hugh Williams On Board?

Anyone heard about the name Hugh Williams being the sole survivor of multiple shipwrecks? When I saw the first social media post on this, I thought wouldn’t this be weird if it were true? Then I started to plan for a cruise and this got me wondering so, I thought I might want to look into this a little further. I did find some sources in fact, there were several wrecks that did have sole survivors named Hugh Williams but they were on different dates. Still if I do end up taking a cruise I think I will ask if anyone else on the ship is named Hugh Williams, no need to push my luck. What about you?

By VollwertBIT – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Here is the info that I found, I would recommend the blog, The old Salt Blog and post, The Unsinkable Hugh Williams — Truth Behind the Legend? Posted on July 16, 2012 by Rick Spilman he has links to a video and lists specific sources for his information. But in the comments, don’t you know, a Hugh Williams also makes a post. This is way too priceless. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried y’all!

Hugh Williams Sole Survivor of Four Shipwrecks!

1st shipwreck with only Hugh Williams as a survivor was on December 5th 1664 in the Menia Straits.

2nd shipwreck with only Hugh Williams as a survivor was on December 5th, 1785 it was a pleasure schooner and was wrecked on the Isle of Man

3rd shipwreck with only Hugh Williams as a survivor was on August 5th, 1820 a picnicking party on the Thames was run down by a coal barge.

4th shipwreck with two survivors both named Hugh Williams happened on August 19th, 1889 this was a Leeds coal barge with 9 men on board all drowned except an uncle and a nephew both named Hugh Williams.

Some ships are destined for disaster

We are working on a story to share where the more we looked into it the more we found a shipwreck where everything that could go wrong did!. There were 29 lives lost in this disaster, all of them men, on a cold November night, on Lake Superior in 1975. To this day the sinking of this ship is surrounded in mystery. Hope you all will join me as I tell the tale of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. this next Sunday.

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