Updates for January 2022

Hello Grim Folk

It has been a little while since we’ve done an update session so we figured this week we do a little bit of that so, we can let you all know some of the things that we are working on. What we have been doing and what everyone can look forward to from us.

 For the Blog

Stories we are working on.

Did you all know Colorado had more than one cannibal? Or that he committed his atrocities in the small town of Florence? This one was a suggestion early on, we have found some information online but so far haven’t found any verifiable sources of our own. So, we have a couple of field trips to get some of this information for ourselves. As a bonus, two of the places we are visiting, we will put together separate posts for our readers since they both fit nicely with our site.

Another project for research we are working on is on reincarnation. We have run across a few stories that give us pause and have made us wonder if it is possible. So we are compiling a few stories to share with the Grim Folk and let you all draw your own conclusions.

Another true crime story we are putting together was a spiderweb that has ties to several other cases. This case we first started to look into since a podcast said it was unsolved and with a little research the initial case is solved but!!! The victim’s family had seen this same type of tragedy before. Then this actually has turned out to be one murder in a group of spree killings. It has definitely turned out to be way more than we originally bargained for.

For a general dark history post, we are going to look into the history of the Colorado Territorial Prison, down in Canon City. Since we both grew up down by it, and have heard stories about chain gangs working on road crews, rock queries and so much more. There are a number of unique things we have found out recently that we had never known about before, that we want to share with the Grim Folk.

Background Things We Are Working On

Y’all I thought this was just going to be a straightforward hobby. I was very wrong. It isn’t bad though, just taking some getting used to it. We are learning about different social media sites. Researching marketing, and better research and writing techniques. We love sharing our interests with the Grim Folks so, we want to get better at all of these things to make it a better experience for everyone. We want to think, that our posts are getting better and hope to continue improving. That does take some time to teach us odd folks new tricks. Additionally, we are exploring doing a podcast in tandem with our blog. We are exploring different platforms that deal with podcasting. Right now what we are thinking is true crime, paranormal, and some dark tourism. What do you all think? Would that be something you Grim Folk might enjoy?

Grimming Papa is Working on

He was feeling under the weather but is now on the mend. Yay! He has also started a bit of renovation on part of the RV. With winter we were talking and decided to paint the pop out for our living room and dining area to look like a sky with clouds and a bit of whimsy. As his back and neck problems allow he has been working on that. We aren’t ready to share the full before and after pictures yet but hopefully soon. We know our ideas aren’t for everyone, but things like this we do tend to enjoy the creative process and making things ours. So Grimming Papa has taken a bit of a vacation from his art for a bit so we don’t have any updates there.

The other outlets he continues to play with are the guitars and bass. Papa is completely self-taught and plays by ear, it has been an interesting process to watch unfold. He has come a long, long way from when he started two years ago and we have changed amps to find the ones that work best for what he wants to hear. We are sharing some pics of these for you all. We hope you all will enjoy some of his artwork on the Marshall. We do have one of the guitars in time out, aka storage, for winter that we will have to share later. it has been changed from its original condition and has some cool artwork on it.

Grimming Mama’s Things

Mama’s voice is coming back so it is a real good thing we aren’t podcasting yet. Squeak, wheeze, and cough, cough, later would not be good to listen to. She is glad to be on the mend now.

Christmas Projects

Wanted to do something homemade for Christmas this year so scarfs were the call. One set of Grims got a zombie cat puking a rainbow and the son-in-law got a Dallas Cowboys theme. And the other Grim kid has a Nightmare Before Christmas one with a sandworm hood. All of these are were fun to do but some were way more challenging than others to pull off. Grimming Papa asked for slippers so the thread magic was worked again. Grimming Mama loves to create things so this was a great experience to look back on.

The big bad Nightmare Before Christmas blanket was put on the back burner to get all this other stuff done so no real progress to share there. It is being pulled back out though so hopefully soon.

There are a few other non-thread-related projects that are screaming to be worked on so hopefully, we will be able to share the creative process on those. In February and March with you all. 

Overall life has been good to us, other than a little icky cold we shared we have been well. Our transition to RV life full-time seems to have found its flow. We are planning some warm weather touristing adventures. We just feel blessed. Thank you all for spending some time with us. 

What are some of your projects during the cooler weather? Any upcoming adventures you are planning? Any story suggestions or comments we would love to hear from you. 

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  1. Wow, I love how you both have projects that are so in tune with each other. Especially the aesthetics. Thanks for sharing this, and it’s amazing to know that you’ve found your groove in RV living!

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