Is Reincarnation Possible Part 2


book Dr Stevenson

      In the Pollock twins video, there were descriptions of the twin’s scars and that they seemed to match with injuries and death wounds of their older sisters. This was another rabbit hole that I found the PSI Encyclopedia and Dr. Ian Stevenson M.D. had written on extensively.

Dr Stevenson documentation of Cemil Fahrici birthmarks

       There were examples of many other people that seemed to have markings like moles, birthmarks, other skin defects, and even missing limbs and appendages that appeared to be in the same areas as past life traumas and death marks. I have to tell y’all I am incredibly conflicted on this particular topic. It is interesting to no end for me, but it is only a coincidence to my skeptical mind at the end of the day. I don’t think that because a person has a scar or other marking, it is proof beyond doubt of reincarnation. Why I believe this, is simply that not every case that has been studied has them documented. It is not absolute in my mind, yet. There are some eerie stories that do, make me take a pause too. What about you? Do you think scars are further proof of reincarnation?


Phobias & DNA Memories

What are phobias? Let’s start with a basic definition of phobias are a fear of something. That part is simple. According to the National Institute on mental health, phobias are among the most common types of mental illness in the U.S. These phobias can be broken down into three categories social phobias, agoraphobia, and specific phobias. I am not sure I entirely buy the statistics mentioned in the article from Verywell Mind cited below. It states 12.5% of adults in the U.S. will deal with a specific phobia in their lifetime. I will interject my personal opinion that I disagree with this statistic in general. My reasoning is I don’t personally know anyone individual who is not afraid of something. My opinion, I think this statistic is low is based on the people I know, and there are quite a few that I know and interact with personally, so if this were to be accurate, then someone I know at least would be fearless, and that isn’t the case.

Let’s talk about some examples of phobias real quick here are some examples.

  • Hydrophobia is fear of water
  • Trypanophobia is a fear of needles
  • Dentophobia is a fear of dentists
  • Hemophobia is a fear of blood
  • Glossophobia is a fear of public speaking
  • Aerophobia is a fear of planes
  • Atychiphobia is the fear of failure
  • coulrophobia is the fear of clowns
  • entomophobia is the fear of insects

I think y’all get the idea; we as people can be afraid of pretty much anything. I think, though, when it comes to the reincarnation fears, it isn’t just that something makes someone uncomfortable; I really think we would be dealing with more like a panic attack. Folks hyperventilating, shaking like a leaf in the wind, or another type of extreme reaction. I don’t lose my shit when I see a spider (unless it is a big one) from across the room, but it does get my undivided attention. Now, if we were talking about me seeing a tarantula next to my foot, you would get a full-on girl scream, some hysterics, and watching this woman be a fool until I get some distance between me and that thing!! Just saying.

During reading various stories, including the Pollock Twins and Ryan’s, there are mentions of young children with phobias. I do wonder if reincarnation is real. This might explain some folks panic at things like car engines, gunshots, and spiders. I am not talking about just a startling response; I have seen folks full-on go into full-blown panic attacks. That level of response, I would think, would have to come from somewhere, whether it is something that happened in this life or another.

Inherited DNA

I warned y’all that I could go totally geeky on the newer research on inherited DNA. I found a funny video that might make this particular topic more palatable. Before we get to that, there is a ton of information on the interwebs; if you want to look into this further. I have mixed ethnicity being German from my mother and Native American from my father as background for this example. There are many research papers about various experiments that can pass down trauma or mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Some of the more recent research is showing, phobias can be passed down too! All of this to say, I had joked with my daughters about possibly passing down my anxiety inadvertently to them. But where did I get it from??? This research could be from either cultural side of my family, as my mother was born just after WWII ended, and with all the things done in the United States with Native Americans, that wouldn’t be a far-fetched concept either. And this is without reincarnation, but what if there is a component of our memories that can be passed down to a future generation? Could that account for at least the kids that are reborn within the same family? Now that I have toasted your craniums how about a more entertaining way of discussing the epigenetic question of, if memories can be passed down through DNA.

Personal Thoughts On Reincarnation

I found researching this topic very interesting in fact, I loved it. I am still on the fence though. Maybe I need something more personal in my life to tip me over that edge? I do think it is possible and I don’t doubt some people have been reincarnated, I don’t want to discount others’ beliefs on this in any way shape or form. I chose these stories because I am immediately put off by the notion that there are 50 people claiming they are Cleopatra walking this earth at the same time. I think if reincarnation were possible what about the everyday folk wouldn’t they come back too? 

Thank you so very much for spending time here with Grimming It Up we appreciate each and every one of you. Hope you stay safe and blessed.

GraveYard Tales Shout Out

I shared Part 1, in the GraveYard Tales Facebook group while I finished this part up. Some of the feedback that was shared there caused some hair-raising moments, and others are making me think there might be even more to this. I have some serious food for thought from those folks. I just want to thank each and everyone that took the time. It was amazing to get the engaging feedback and those stories! If y’all want an entertaining podcast that is in a similar style as Grimming It Up check them out!  Seriously, I have been following them from the beginning, and I can’t speak any more highly of them.



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