May 2022 What Are the Grims Up To

May 2022 What Are the Grims Up To

Hello Grim Family,

Wanted to give y’all a little bit of what we are keeping ourselves busy with. For the RV life, we have been doing a little remodel thing here and there. The
family outing day planned months ago, didn’t happen due to the weather. Blog, wise we put some stories on the back burner and moved others up and we have an editor!! This last part is huge, Grim Mama is not into grammar and punctuation and hell even spelling so this will help take some of that stress away.

RV Remodel Things

Bathroom Stuff

The bathroom has a few new things thanks to Grim Papa he made our shower nice and bright with some epoxy white. Our sink was well, let’s be honest horrible yellow with cigarette burns from previous owners but now it too, is a nice shade of white, he added a new towel bar with a shelf, and made the mirror more our style. Love, love love! How this has all come together and given us less clutter and more comfortable aesthetics.

Next, we had this wonky closet cubby hole area next to the sink, so he added
shelves, took out the closet rod, and baa-da bing baa-da boom we have usable space and somewhere to store the hamper out of sight. In addition, this also gave us somewhere to store R2, the vacuum. We aren’t done in the bath area yet, but this was a heck of a start.

Office Stuff

Grim Mama was having desk issues so Grim Papa made a new one for her.
Unfortunately, she needs shelves to keep day job things accessible, as well as
all the research for the website and blog. A big bonus in doing this we are
happy to report the gain on usable desk space. We still have things we want to
do with the walls in the office and customization on the curtains, but again we are pleased with how these projects have turned out too.

The last area that we have just started working on a bit is Grim Papa’s art,
guitar space. He has removed the ugly couch and made himself an art desk with shelves. But this is a work in progress so no photos yet. We know our style choices may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are ours and for us, this means the world!

The Family Outing That Wasn’t

Have y’all found an event that you were like, yes! Totally going to do this!
So, you set about planning it. Yeah, we did too, our idea was to try our hand at being crime scene investigators, CSI, and we were going to have some of our favorite folks join us, family. So, we coordinated the schedules, got the team’s name figured out, and the week of the event that took months to plan . . . Colorado weather wanted the last laugh. At the time of writing this, the Grims have at least two feet of snow. Needless to say, this outing has been canceled. Insert the sad pouty face here.

On the bright side, the company we set things up through is allowing us to
pick another event. Hopefully, if it is fun, we will share when we actually get
to do that with you all. Until then it is back to the drawing board and
restarting the coordination of schedules.

Website Things

Grimming It Up

We have been all over the place here. We are in the process of changing our
hosting site this should be completed around the middle of June. We want our readers to have a better experience and fewer glitches, so this is needed to help us grow.

The store has been put on a bit of a hold; we have the Etsy shop with a few
items but not much. We must learn about product sales marketing, potentially switch to Shopify instead of Etsy, and build a marketing and design plan. Yay?! For the folks that don’t know us, we are not very good at marketing or sales pitches, it is funny, but we want to try and share things we ourselves would like but with the funkiness that is currently going on with Etsy and shipping in general now, this project is going to require some more thought. If y’all want to be amused by our bad sales pitches, go check the store on Etsy Grimming It Up. It is bad y’all.

Blog Wise Things

We have an editor!!! Yay! This is so awesome, and such a win for us. We
want to put out quality content for all the Grim Family, so we can share things we find interesting and hopefully give you all a break from your everyday lives. That is our biggest goal, and to hopefully hear more about the Grim Family’s experiences and thoughts. But, when the spokesperson for the site is gun-shy and intimidated by the grammar trolls this is hard. When we look at some other folks’ blogs or articles the critics are downright tough. We don’t want to argue with folks about misspelled words, we would much rather hear about the Grim family’s experiences, or their thoughts on our posts like if they believe or not, and to maybe learn from others. That can’t happen if we have folks getting caught up on missing punctuation, run-on sentences, and spelling mistakes. Trust me as you all who have been with us from the beginning know Donna Marie West, has her work cut out for her. She has been a blessing to work with so far, she isn’t trying to change the writing style we want to share but she helped amazingly on Colorado’s Other Cannibal post. We can’t speak highly enough of her. We are going to keep shorter posts and these updates in-house and save her services on the bigger posts.

Posts We Are Working On

Gargoyles vs. Grotesques – this one started out to be about
gargoyles then in doing research found that what we like are more grotesques. Also, we want to share some lore, and pop culture, share some of ours, and sight-seeing facts and opportunities.

Cape Disappointment, WA – We loved visiting here, so we
will share its history, visiting and lodging opportunities and share some of
the lore, hauntings, and what we experienced on our visit.

We have another serial killer‘s tale we are working on sharing. This one was
famous for killing a family in Denver and leaving only one survivor there but
turns out he had killed before and attempted to after all of these Colorado cases were unsolved for decades until his incarceration in Nevada led to his DNA being submitted. While we don’t love what this horrible man did, we do love that the unsolved cases have been finally solved and how it was done. Hoping we will have this one out sometime in June or early July.

Another urban legend has a squatchy feel but isn’t about the big guy. We are
in the early stages of research, so this might be tied in with another part of the country?? Guess we will all, have to wait and see.

Lastly, we have plans to visit some historically dark places here, in
Colorado, and of course spend some time in a few cemeteries and see who wishes to have their stories told by us.

With all of this, we hope you all will enjoy our take on all these topics. And we do want to hear some of yours.  

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